Electronic signature in educational centers and universities
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Digital transformation in the education sector

Due to the wave of digital disruption, educational institutions are faced with the challenge of processing thousands of documents dailyVIDsigner facilitates the signing of all the necessary documentation in education: enrollment, scholarship applications, payment of fees, requests for academic records, internship agreements, among many others. 

In addition, the electronic signature solves other business processes such as the hiring of personnel, purchases, invoicing, expenses, etc. It is a technological investment compatible with the center's management software, which ensures and improves the obtaining of agreements.

Examples of the use of digital signatures

Enrollment applications and agreements, scholarship applications, letters of admission, transfer of files, validations, etc.
Request for the academic record, payment of fees, internship agreements, payment of fees, exchange agreements, etc.
Purchase orders, budget requests, invoices, expenses, personnel contracts, confidentiality agreements, etc.

Advantages of electronic signatures in the education sector

No papers and no waiting
Legal guarantee of documents
Security when collecting consents from any device
Lower costs and risks compared to documents signed on paper
More agile processes adapted to digital transformation.
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